A Divorce Lawyer You Can Count On

Going through a divorce is stressful and overwhelming. There are so many things to consider. You may be concerned about asset preservation or your financial independence after the process is completed. If you have children, they need to have the parenting plan that works for them as well as proper financial support.

More than anything, having a separation that is amicable, is fair and addresses the best interests of your family and your children is essential in a divorce. At my firm, the Law Office of Jennifer Kirkhart Curcio, I am dedicated to leading you through the divorce process or other family law matter from start to finish. Whether you need a mediator, collaborator, negotiator or litigator, my 20-plus years of experience means I can help you.

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Divorce Solutions That Fit Every Issue

From my Gainesville, Florida, office, I am available to help clients with these divorce services:

  • Contested/uncontested divorce: Leading you through negotiations and litigation (as necessary) and all other aspects of a traditional divorce proceeding.
    • An uncontested case is used when parties can negotiate and sign a agreement prior to filing a court case. If both parties are agreeable to the settlement offer, I will process the dissolution through the court system doing all of the required documents. There is only a 10-minute hearing in court to finalize the divorce.
    • In a contested divorce, the process is started by filing a Petition for Dissolution. I strive for settlement at every step of the process, but if it is not successful, then we will litigate the case in a trial.
  • Collaborative divorce: If you are seeking a divorce that is less confrontational and more about compromise, a collaborative divorce may be right for you. I will negotiate with the other party and his or her lawyer in an amicable and transparent manner to create terms that work for everyone.
  • Mediation: Let a third-party neutral assist you in negotiating a settlement. The focus is on compromise and transparency in the decision-making. Mediation can be agreed to by the parties at any time in their divorce process and can be done either with attorneys representing the parties or just the parties. In a contested case, mediation is typically required by the court prior to any litigation.
  • Mediator: In addition to representing individuals in their divorces and acting as their attorney during mediations, I am a trained and licensed mediator. I am ready to assist you in your divorce proceedings as the neutral and impartial mediator. If we are able to successfully resolve all or part of your issues, then I reduce that agreement to writing so you can sign the agreement at the end of the mediation.

Other Family Law Issues

There are many other types of family law issues that can arise, either outside of a divorce situation or after an initial divorce is over. Other types of family law issues that I can assist you with include:

  • Paternity
  • Child support (establishment, enforcement or modification)
  • Modification of parenting plans (custody)
  • Relocation with minor children
  • Domestic violence injunctions
  • Spousal support/alimony (modification or enforcement)
  • Prenuptial or postnuptial agreements

We will work together to determine which solution is right for your unique situation. Whatever happens, everyone in your family will be affected by these proceedings, so I will do what I can to ensure everything is equitable and fair, and your children have the best possible environment.

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