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"Divorce is both an ending and a beginning... Collaborative Practice supports your family's goals for a smoother transition to the next stage of your lives." IACP website.

Collaborative Practice is a new way for you and you spouse or partner to resolve disputes respectfully -- without going to court - with the support, protection and guidance of legal, financial and mental health professionals. Collaborative Practice was first developed in the 1980's by Stu Webb in Minnesota after he became disillusioned with how the legal system worked for families. It has quickly caught on and the International Association of Collaborative Professionals is the governing body that grants certification (IACP's website is Jennifer was trained as a collaboratively trained attorney in 2006 and has found this to be a very rewarding part of her practice. Jennifer is a member of the local association The Gainesville Collaborative Divorce Team. Their web site has additional information and contact information for other local collaboratively trained professionals.

The purpose of Collaborative Practice or Collaborative Divorce (also known as "no-court divorce," "divorce with dignity," "peaceful divorce") is to assist parties in finding their way through the emotional process of divorce while maintaining respect. Not that it is always easy by any means, but the open communication and mutual purpose in collaborative divorce can lead to a much better outcome that parties are happier with long term.

A Collaborative divorce starts with the parties committing to the process by entering into a participation agreement. The participation agreement states that neither party will file anything with the courts until they have reached full agreement. The process can be tailored to fit your individual needs. You define the team that works together with you and your partner to resolve your dispute. It can be simply you and your Collaborative lawyers; or, you can choose to include a neutral financial professional, divorce coaches, a child specialist or other specialists you and your spouse believe would be helpful. A series of negotiations and meeting or mediations if necessary will develop an agreement that you and your spouse then present to the court together.

In a traditional divorce, parties rely upon the court system to resolve their disputes. Unfortunately, the court system is based on an adversarial model. Fine for unrelated parties, but not as beneficial for parties that may have an ongoing relationship after the process. The adversarial process can take an immense toll on emotions and damage relationships beyond repair. This is especially detrimental for children. In contrast, Collaborative Practice is a non-adversarial approach. One in which you and your team negotiate in good faith, and work together with you and your spouse to achieve mutual settlement outside the courts.

An additional benefit of collaborative law is the privacy it affords. Many high profile divorces (such as Madonna, US Senators, a Disney heir) have turned to Collaborative Law to keep from having their divorces play out in court. Court files (unless sealed) are public record, this includes your families financial affidavits and marital agreements. In the collaborative process the parties may agree to request that the Judge limit what they file in court to preserve their privacy.

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