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Child Support Orders and Modification
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Child Support is set by statutory guidelines in Chapter 61.13 of the Florida Statutes from the parents joint net income. There are only specific deductions that are permitted from gross income, and they do not include living expenses. It is crucial to ensure that the numbers that the court is relying upon in setting child support are accurate. A small error will compound over the life of the child support obligation into a very large amount. Jennifer will assist you in ensuring that your guidelines are accurate.

There are limited reasons that a judge may modify child support to deviate from these guidelines. It is important to remember that the child support is paid for the benefit of the children, and as such, the courts are very protective over the amount of support and the best interest of the children. A parent may not simply forgive child support of the other parent without specific reasons that the court will examine closely.

To modify an award of child support after the entry of an order, there must be a substantial change in circumstances. Generally this means that one parties income or situation has changed. It is important to move quickly to formally modify an order. A court can only order retroactive reductions or increases in support back to the time the petition for the modification is filed. A failure to pay support can result in an outstanding arrearage, and potentially, suspensions of driving privileges and licenses, garnishment, and potentially incarceration.

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